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Hardwood Caskets
Hardwood and veneer caskets, selected for their warmth and beauty, provide unique grain patterns and finishes to suit individual preferences.
Precious Metals Caskets
Bronze, Copper, and Gold are used to construct caskets with high quality velvet interior and distintive hardware.
Premium Steel Caskets
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and custom finishing with velvet or crepe interiors.
Basic Steel Caskets
Basic steel ranging from 16-gauge to 20-gauge with a variety of interior fabrics and decorated hardware.
Burial Vaults
Burial vaults are an accepted means of enclosing the casketed remains of a loved one within a grave. Most cemeteries require a grave liner or vault.
Contemporary Urns
Urns ranging from simple to elaborate to easily reflect individual style.
Hardwood Urns
Urns made from a variety of materials are often personalized to celebrate an individual's life.
Metal Urns
Available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Some are non-corrosive and can be placed directly in the ground as the cemetery allows.
Urn Vaults
Vaults are required at select cemeteries and provide varying levels of protection. They are constructed of Marbelon or concrete and lined with durable plastic or a combination of plastic and metal.

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